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29 March 2011 @ 08:07 pm
A Declaration of Red Tulip  
Pairing : Takaki/OC (Sayuri)
Genre : ANGST, Romance, fluff if you feel like it
Rating : PG13
Requested by : secret requester ;)
Author note : I FAILED ;A; I cant picture the emotion well. hrmf -___- bear the grammar too :B
Summary : Sayuri is a young girl who is die hard fans of Takaki Yuya. one day, she fell from the stairs and Takaki helped her. since then, Takaki fell in love with her without knowing the big secret that will break them apart, forever.

@Tokyo Dome@

The hall was full of fans, music, screaming, uchiwa, and most of it, the spot was on the ten boys.

“minna-san, ARIGATOU GONZAIMASSU!!! For coming today, hontou ni arigatou! From now on, please keep supporting us~!” yabu, the unofficial leader screamed at the top of his lungs. And with that said, the fans went crazy again.

“lets meet again at the next concert~!” screamed yamada, and with that, he threw the nth flying kiss to the fans, made the fans screamed loudly.

"meet again….? I hope I can…”  among the scream, katou sayuri murmurred with a very sad and lonely face.


If its not because this stupid head, I can become their fans until the very end. Buying their singles, watch their concert everyday, designing uchiwa for takaki, screaming with the other fans…


A sigh escaped from her pink lips that matched with her small nose and pale face. long black hair makes everything perfect.

Just one thing that made that beauty crushed. Yes, just one…

She grabbed her white dress tightly, holding back the tears that almost stained her pretty face. no, not now…


The ten members has back to the backstage. The hall was on blackout condition.

Seconds after, the light turned on. The audience slowly missing from their seat, leaving the famous big hall with a sweet memory.

Sayuri still sitting there. She didn’t want to leave the hall. She want to sit there forever, forget everything about her pathetic life.

But among of it, she know. Its useless.


God has decided everything for her.


She stood and walked slowly to the stairs that lead to the exit. Her eyes keep looking at the big glowing stage. She gulped.

Suddenly, her vision went blurry. She feels like the world was spining. Cold sweat and trembling hands. Yabai…

She tried to reach the nearby chair, but it failed.

She can just give up when gravity pushed her down…


Unfamiliar scent came across her. The light was too bright, her eyes need time to adjust. And when her vision back, she realized that she was at a room.

Looks like a saloon… or make up room?

“you wake up” a boy voice was heard. She jerked awake and realizing that an unbelieveable scene infront of her.

Topless yamada was standing there. With his wet hair and no-makeup face, he looked more gergeous than she ever know.

But why she was there?

“are you alright?” he knelt in front her, smiling “its that bakaki that brought you here. He said you almost fell from the stairs, audience’s”

Eh? Takaki?

“who is bakaki?” takaki standing behind the couch she was sleeping, threw a sharp glare to yamada. That younger boy just chuckled.

“I will give two of you…ehem, private time” he smirked and went out from the room.


There’s only two of them at the room. Awkward.

Until takaki’s voice broke the silence.

“ignore that little brat” he sit at the couch with her “what are you doing there just now? Fortunately, I am there, if not, you are not here anymore, maybe” he laughed.

“maybe I was daydreaming” she laughed too, deciding to hide the true reason why she fell.

“what’s your name, girl?” he asked as he sit on the same couch.

“Sayuri… Katou Sayuri”

“okay, Sayuri. Shall I walk you home? You look pale” he suggested

“I can go home by myself”

“no, a girl shouldn’t be alone at this kind of time. Moreover, you look unhealthy”

And she can just gave up when takaki pulled her to the car.


“we arrived. Is it your house?” takaki asked.

She nodded “arigatou…” just when she about to stepped out, another headache attacked her.

“are you alright?” she asked in worried tone.

“I am totally fine… thank you”

“wait” takaki went out from the car and opened her side’s door. His hand circled her shoulder, helping her to get out from the car.

He pushed the bell button. Not long, a pretty woman that has the same face with sayuri appeared.

“sayuri! My dear! Come on, get in!”

He followed that woman to the house. The woman asked sayuri to her bedroom, then she bowed to takaki.

“thank you so much to brought her here~! Really thank you!!”

“ah… iya… there’s nothing… jaa, I will have my leave now” said takaki as he walked back to his car. As he driving back to his house, he kept smiling, “Sayuri ka…”.


@Dance Practice Room@


The ten members were practicing for their next performance. But aside of being serious with the practice, they were chatting.

“ne takaki, the girl with you yesterday was so cute ne~” yamada started the topic, made takaki smiling widely.

“eh? Which girl?” yuto frowned.

“there was a girl watched our concert yesterday. She fell from the stairs, but luckily takaki caught her in time” yamada explained.

“is that so? I even don’t know about this at all” yabu asked while he reached his drink.

“I think all of you went home already? Me and yamachan were the last one that took a bath yesterday” takaki explained.

“hmm~ so? How is the girl?” chinen teased.

“well, if yamachan said the girl is cute, then the girl must be very cute!” daiki followed chinen teasing the boy.

“omg! Our bakaki is blushing~” kei squealed like a fangirl, made the laugh grew bigger.


“yes, you are~!” they laughed.

And those laughter continue until the manager, Julie-san, entered their room, told them that they can go home.


“ne takaki!!! You must treat us because you have got a girlfriend!” Hikaru tackled him from behind when takaki packing his things.

“ouch, hikaru!! Are you planning to kill me???”

“HAHA~ I am just joking~ can you go with me now?”


“Mountain Breeze Hospital. Lets talk about it at… your car. Hehe~” he smiled sheepishly.

“that’s why you asked me? What the heck…” takaki gripped his car key, walked to the lift with hikaru at his behind bouncing around.


You know, Takaki. I asked you to accompany me, just not because you can drive me there. I wanna introduce my pretty cousin to you, who knows you can go on well~ fufufu….. Wait! I just joking okay! Don’t point that small knife to me!! Okay, good boy… nah, she had got a brain cancer since 3 years ago. Poor her huh? She just 17 for God’s sake. Her parents asked me to visit her sometime, she felt lonely, I think. Well, who wants to stay at hospital without a chance to get out from there?


They arrived infront of Hikaru’s cousin room, 501 room. When takaki want to take a look on the name board,

“hey, don’t cheat~ I want you to know her name with your ear~” hikaru teased as closed takaki’s eyes with his hands and pulled him to the room.

The door swayed open, and no one could describe how takaki was surprised.


He even couldnt describe it himself.


“Yuri-chan~ Hikaru neechan come~” hikaru sing to a pretty girl. The said girl turned her attention from her book to Hikaru. She smiled.

And when her eyes and takaki’s meet, her eyes widened in instant.




“hey, Sayuri” he smirked.




Hikaru broke the silence with his stupid question,

“eh? Both of you knew each other?” first he looked at sayuri, then takaki.


Sayuri werent dare to say anything. She gripped the blanket tightly.


Takaki was upset and shocked at the same time. He want to scold her, but seeing her like that, his ‘wall’ crushed at once.

He smiled to hikaru,

“yes, she is the one that I help yesterday”.

“eeeeehhhhh???? Whoaa~~ that’s good then! Since sayuri is your die hard fans right sayuri?” hikaru smiled teasingly.

“e-eh! Hikaru niichan! Don’t say that out loud! You are spilling my secret out!” sayuri squeaked. Her cute face blushed in instant.


The smoothness of her hair, the paleness of her face, her radiant smile that are cute and beautiful at the same time, her childish pout, her slender finger, her pink lips, her small nose, her soothing black eyes…


Without he realizing it, that angel-like sayuri made he fell with her.


@Takaki’s room@


Takaki was resting his body on his bed board. He starred blankly at his phone’s screen. He smiled again for the nth when he remembered Sayuri, Katou Sayuri.


Brain cancer huh?

Well, even though she had brain cancer doesn’t mean like I should avoid her right? I can befriends with her right?


He smiled again. He couldn’t wait to see her smile again the next day.




Takaki walking to sayuri’s room, wrong, bouncing. His left hand holding a bunch of Red Carnation.


Knocked the door, his hands hiding behind him.

“yes” answered sayuri


He swayed the door open, smiling widely to her “morning”.

The said girl turned to him and smiled in surprised “Takaki-san? Why so early? And… why you come here? Did hikaru asked you to?” she titled her head cutely.

“no, I came here to see you, by my own desire. By the way, just call me yuya. Takaki-san sounds awkward” he chuckled.

“eh? It is okay just call you like that? Would your girlfriend be angry?”

“I don’t have any girlfriend. I am captivated with you” he laughed and then smiled.

She laughed “you are such a good flirty”.

“I am serious” he pouted like a kid and handed her the red carnation.

She smiled again, which takaki like so much “red carnation~ its so pretty~! Thanks ta—yuya!” she grinned.

“you know what’s the meaning of red carnation?” takaki suddenly asked.

“I don’t know. What’s the meaning?”

“Aching Heart. Admiration” Takaki whispered the last word at her ear with sexy tone. Smirking.

She blushed, again, of course.

“…….thanks” she muttered softly. Too soft until takaki must try hard to heard it.

“welcome—yabe! I should go to Shokura now! See you again sayuri” takaki rushed out from the room after he waved to sayuri.


“he is such a nice guy ne. I hope I am healthy, normal…” another tears escaped from her eyes, wet the carnation a little.


It hurt. It hurts so much when the person you always dreaming of, smiling to you.


But that smile wont be yours forever.


Or worse, its yourself that made the smile slipped away.


You just cant claimed that smile as yours. Just….cant.


Sayuri wiped her tears away. She put the carnation on the table, reminding herself to ask the nurse to put it in the vase.


A sudden headache attacked her head.


Her left hand gripped her hair, while the other hands reaching for a nurse-call button. Her eyes closed tightly, her body trembled and the cold sweat wet her face. her hand still havent gripped the button.


Her hand, body and head slowly gave up and…. Totally blackout.




It was already two months since Takaki met Sayuri.


For Takaki, everyday was like a heaven. After tired of dancing and singing and faking smile, he always went to see sayuri. There’s no day without seeing she smiling when receiving his gift.


But something just not right, Takaki knew it.


Sayuri was getting thinner, paler. And she got his headache more often. But when Takaki asked her what’s wrong, she just showed him her radiant smile and said there’s nothing.


So, Takaki just let it go. Except one thing.


A feeling that he would lost Sayuri one day.


@Dance Practice Room@


“so, you guys will having a month hiatus because of the concert tour tomorrow, clear?” their manager said in clear voice, exchanging looks with those ten boys.

Those ten boys nodded in unison. A wide smile curved on their face, satisfied.

“pack your things after you got home. And, come to aiport on the scheduled time. Don’t be late” Julie-san stepped out after that.

“A month huh? That’s gonna be a long concert tour, its our first time ne” Yamada said, stretching.

“I wonder how box of pocky I should bring…” Daiki muttered to himself.

“stupid! There’s must be a shop that sell pocky everywhere!” inoo smacked daiki lightly on his head, earned a laughter from the other.


While the other members talked about how many things they should take and such, Takaki was the only one quiet, drowned in his own thought.

It means I cant meet Sayuri for a month… ugh. That’s bad!

But this is my work after all… Sayuri will scold me if I said things like that. Yosh! Ganbarre, Takaki!


Hikaru patted him from behind.

“yo, partner! Daydreaming is not good yo! You are still young!” he grinned sheepishly.

“ah, there’s nothing…” takaki smiled back.

Hikaru starring at Takaki for a while, then whispered on his ears.

“I heard that you are so close with Sayuri huh?”

And Takaki blushed, instantly.

“what’s up with you? being a lovebird with my cousin and didn’t tell me anything at all” hikaru pouted.

“who said I like her?” Takaki turned to other direction, avoiding hikaru’s eyes.

“congratulation!” hikaru hit Takaki’s back, laughing. But a seconds after his expression changed.

“its hurt HIKARU!” Takaki yelled, then closed his mouth after he realized that other members were looking at both of them.

“maa, Takaki, if you like her, then said it! If not, you may regret it”

“regret? Regret what?” asked Takaki, curious.

“hmm… who knows she will have a boyfriend when you are not around? Hahaha~” hikaru laughed.

A wry one.

“is there any other guys that more attractive than me?” he said confidently.

“who knows? Hahahahahahaha~ the mature one. Not you, childish!” hikaru laughed and teased him more.

Then he run away with takaki chasing him with his bag.


After all, there’s no possibility that hikaru will tell him the truth. Its too painful for him to accept it.




Sayuri starring to the town outside her room’s window. A sad expression painted on her pretty face.

Tears escaped from her eyes.

Understand Katou-san? There’s only a matter of time. Just prepared.

Her heart ached more when she recalled her doctor’s words. She cant accept this. Not this fast.

Not when she is falling for takaki more. More than just an idol.

But as a man.


The door knocked. She hurriedly wiped her tears, “please”.

“hey Sayuri” a familiar gentle voice.

“Yu..Yuya. why so late?” she forced to smile, hiding her aching heart seeing Takaki like that. Pain.

“we just had rehearsal before tomorrow’s concert tour. A month” Takaki said happily.

What…? Did he just said a month…? No way…

“Really? That’s amazing! If only I can join…” she pouted

“don’t worry, Johnny-san said there will be a DVD!” he smiled wider.

Its useless even there will be a DVD, yuya…

“you can still watch it… you just cried? What happen? Did your head still hurt?” Takaki carressed her face, checking her.

“no, I am fine” she smiled.


Takaki didn’t believe her words, at all.


“ne, Sayuri” Takaki breathed out, sitting on her bed, facing her.


“I love you” he whispered, her hands on his’.

Sayuri eyes widened “……..eh?”

“I said, I love you” he repeated.

“but… but this is too sudden” she reasoned out.

“this is not sudden, Sayuri. I love you from the first time I met you”

Sayuri looked down, closing her eyes. A sigh escaped.

“you still have a month for thinking about it, does it fair?”

Takaki stood up, and handed out a bunch of red tulips.

“I will be waiting” he said, hand the flowers to her. Sayuri accepted it.

Takaki leaned closer and glued his lips to her.

“I love you” he said again, then left the room.


Sayuri starring at those red tulips. Fresh and red. A blue card stuck on it.

A declaration of love.

She couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She buried her face on the flowers, inhaling the scent.

“you will wait, but time wont be waiting, Yuya…”


Clock’s hand is always moving.




*A month after*


Takaki rushed to Mountain Breeze after they arrived at Narita.

“hey, Takaki! Where are you going? We are gonna have a lunch together right?” Yabu yelled.

“I am going somewhere!” he answered back, turned to Yabu.

“what? But what should we said to Julie-san if you are not around?”

He bite his lips. Yabu is right. Who will be responsible?

But his instinct said she should go to Sayuri now.

“well, we can just said Takaki went home because he felt sick right?” Yamada winked at Takaki, elbowed Yabu.

Yabu want to fight back, but Yamada give him a glare and shook his head. “just let him go, or we will regretted it later, too”

“thanks yamachan!” Takaki rushed, left Yabu and the other with questioning look.

Except Yamada… and Hikaru.

Takaki… be strong please




@Hospital’s park@


Sayuri waved at Takaki which was running to her direction.

The park is quiet. There’s only two of them and few other patient.

“the weather is nice ne?” Sayuri smiled sweetly, made him happy at once.

“don’t change the topic okay?” Takaki smiled teasingly.

“well, is there any other answer?” Sayuri smiled a winner smile, then leaned forward.

Takaki smiled, understand. He circled his hands around her slim waist. Then gently kissed her.

If only time can stop now…

I am happy now, I don’t need anything more.


After seconds, they parted. Takaki leaned his chin on her shoulder for a while. Then he held her hand.

“there’s a bench. Should we sit then?” she nodded.


“you sit here okay? I will buy a drink then” takaki offered and walked away after Sayuri nodded, agreed.


5 minutes after, Takaki back to the place holding two cans of lemon tea.


He found out Sayuri sleeping on the bench, smiling.


This stupid girl, what is she doing? Sleeping there? Takaki chuckled, then walked closer.

“hey, wake up sweety” takaki whispered sweetly on her ear.


But, what surprised takaki was not the fact she didn’t wake up.


He couldn’t feel Sayuri’s breath at all.


“hey, Sayuri. You are playing with me right? Wake up now or I will kiss you” he tried to joke, even though he was trembling.


No answer.


Tears pouring down. He want to carry Sayuri and scream for help. But his body couldn’t move.


He gulped. He leaned to kiss her, then gently pulled her to his embrace.

“Sleep in peace, Sayuri”


comments? .____. I am not confident with this fic DX I am sorry for ruining your plot :| LOL



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Headset: lachata-f(x)
アンジェル ● Angel ● 邓丽佳: takaki yuyaangelika20 on March 28th, 2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
Waw, dear. This is pretty beautiful, y'no! I rly don't mind wit this plot, it went nice and I really heart angst rn!

I know, sayuri will say yes actually. But her time already came. Hiks. Poor yuuyan.

Anyway, thanks for granting my req, bb. I♥U~
emerald_love_96: takakiemerald_love_96 on March 29th, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC)
you angst lover XD LOL

who will said a no to a yasashi and sweet man like him? |D
she already know her time will come anyway :( *sobs*

and thank you for requesting babe~
thanks for reading too~ ♥
eririinchaan on March 28th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
;___; . The last line made me cry the most. So touching~
Poor Yuya...
emerald_love_96: yueemerald_love_96 on March 29th, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)
you did? :( *lend you handkerchief*
no, it should be, "cruel me" -___- lol

thanks for reading~ ♥
anna: love ityoyo_hai on March 29th, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
pure love story from this pairing :")

but, i hate it's not a happy ending story!!! >(
emerald_love_96: chinenemerald_love_96 on March 29th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
kayaknya saya ga pernah bikin yg ero deh, semuanya pure kok XD /plak

ahahahaha~ sorry ne~ XD you know me, dont you? ;)

thanks for reading~ ♥
gadiskacamatagadiskacamata on October 4th, 2017 05:28 am (UTC)
Okay, need to admit... I'm teary now...~~~
(*-*)this is a good fanfic btw...