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05 July 2030 @ 01:10 pm

If you added me, make sure you comment here for a add back! ;D
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03 November 2029 @ 09:50 pm
Indonesian Jumperz Community :  hsj_indonesia 
Chinen Yuuri and Kawashima Umika Community : umichii 
Hey Say 7 Community : heisei7 
Hey Say JUMP Community : hey_say 
Hey Say JUMP Fansubbing Community : jumpinfs 
Hey Say JUMP Fanfic Community : heysay_fanfic 
Johnnys Indonesian Fanfiction Community : join_fl 
Translation by kenken18, mostly chinen, nyc, hey say 7, yuto : chinenpuccino 
Information about Japan Condition : japan_now 
Asian Dramas : jdramas 
Shonen Club : shokura 
NYC community : nycboys 
Yamada's Photo and GIF Gallery : yamadadaily 


The First and The Last
Yamada Ryosuke/OC, Chinen Yuuri/Kawashima Umika, Nakajima Yuto/Ohgo Suzuka
Prologue One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen

My Understandable Sister
Chinen/OC (you)

Clover's Love

Inoo Kei/OC ([info]ruiruipyon )

It's My Fate... Our Fate

Takaki Yuuya/Iwata Sayuri

5 times Keito accidentally spoke english to Yuto + 1 time Yuto spoke it back 

Okamoto Keito/Nakajima Yuto

Unexpected Birthday Gift
Nakajima Yuto/OC ([info]shinju_10 )

Scribble Of Love
Chinen Yuuri/Kawashima Umika

We Love You too, Keito

Okamoto Keito/Hey Say 7

A Declaration of Red Tulip 

Takaki Yuuya/OC (Sayuri)

Chat Room

Chinen Yuuri/OC ([info]yoyo_hai )
epilogue first second third forth prologue

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04 June 2012 @ 03:55 pm
Pairing : YamaJima 8D
Genre : romance, life? :\
Rating : too mature for a child and too childish for an adult /shot
Note : major failed and grammatical error everywhere :| this one start with Yama's POV and in midway, third people POV
Summary : yuto's struggle to find out why yamada act coldly to him

I want to know more.Collapse )

[ end of the third part ] 


umm, yeah. it took so long to me to finish this chap =w= i write, then delete and write and delete again because i was not satisfied enough. finally. 

Thanks to those that patiently wait <3 gomen ne ._. please tell me what you think about this chapter, and tell me if this short or long too? 

add : i feel like isolated from jump fandom these days because no internet connection, plus it feels like its getting harder even to download avi version of jump perf for my mini lappie .w. even tho i managed to found it. fandom had changed huh?


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22 January 2012 @ 04:48 pm
Pairing : YamaJima 8D
Genre : romance, life? :\
Rating : too mature for a child and too childish for an adult /shot
Note : major failed and grammatical error everywhere :| this one is written in Yuto’s POV
Summary : Yuto's past and feeling toward his surrounding. The depressed side of him that no one ever see.

Kill me now. Bloody hell. He is… so pretty.Collapse )







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30 October 2011 @ 10:56 am
Pairing : YamaJima 8D
Genre : not sure about it myself -__- /kicked. Romance is my destination tho~
Rating : too mature for a child and too childish for an adult /shot
Note : major failed and grammatical error everywhere :| this one is written in Yamada’s POV
Summary : admired him as an angel you couldn’t catch, or trapped like a prey to a devil?

But never mind, if people are wasting you, I am gonna have you as mine foreverCollapse )
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06 May 2011 @ 01:15 pm

Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro/OC (sonsaku hakufu)

Genre: Angst, Romance :3 as requested~

Rating: PG15

Summary: age is just a number *I am stuck T^T*

Disclaimer: even though it’s the worst fic you ever read, the plot is still MINE.

Warning: grammatical error cause I bad at this. And sucks writing and plot :B

Note: hmm~ maybe even the requester already forget she ever requested this XD my national exam just finished, so :| and as usual, I did my best on this. Forgive me if there’s any mistake since its my first time write this kind of fic :)


“Sonsaku Hakufu. Its you” Collapse )



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04 April 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Pairing: Hey Say 7 x Keito, mainly OkaYama :P <-- friendship
Genre: Friendship, slight of angst
Rating: G
Note: A late gift from me to keito :3 Tanjoubi omedetou~
Warning: harsh words, failed .___. grammatical error as always |D Mean!Heysay7
Summary: not like the years before, they didnt celebrate keito's birthday. worse, they scolded keito for being such a suck dancer.


"Even 5 year old kids can dance better than what you did"Collapse )HEPI BASUDAY KEITOOOO :D



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29 March 2011 @ 08:07 pm
Pairing : Takaki/OC (Sayuri)
Genre : ANGST, Romance, fluff if you feel like it
Rating : PG13
Requested by : secret requester ;)
Author note : I FAILED ;A; I cant picture the emotion well. hrmf -___- bear the grammar too :B
Summary : Sayuri is a young girl who is die hard fans of Takaki Yuya. one day, she fell from the stairs and Takaki helped her. since then, Takaki fell in love with her without knowing the big secret that will break them apart, forever.

A Declaration if LoveCollapse )comments? .____. I am not confident with this fic DX I am sorry for ruining your plot :| LOL



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15 February 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Pairing: Chinen/OC
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, failed fluff
Warning: failed-grammatical error-biased-short epilogue-fictional
Note: the last part of this fic! I am sorry I took long time for me for wrote this epilogue~! well, I MUST finished everything I have started right? so, here it is~ after this, I will post another requested fic <3 thank you for everyone who have followed this fic till the end! I love you \^3^/ comments are love and appreciated~! :D
Summary: like how the fairytale ended, they lived happily ever after :)
give me give me give me kiss me baby~Collapse )

Happy Valentine Day Everyone~~

comments are love~! I hope this ending will satisfy you :D
after this, I will post another requested fic~ :) just wait xD LOLz
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14 January 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Maybe its not something new. Maybe you think this post dont make any sense/useless. BUT, I want to tell you. just that :3

blabbering and heavy image! :3Collapse )

lets speak about summary! :DCollapse )
bloody monday 2Collapse )

ps : I am not locking this, feel free to link back :) credit me if you will post the picture anywhere else~
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